Rolf Jardemark

Jazz Guitarist

Photo:John Hagby

Gig Schedule:

Sept 25: Boston Grill, Trollhättan

Okt 4: Utopia Jazz, Göteborg

Okt 6: Cyrano, Gbg

Okt 9: Wauxhall, Gbg

Okt 20: Stora Hotellet, Fjällbacka

Okt 24: Utopia Jazz, Gbg

Okt 26: Unity Jazz, Gbg

Nov 10: PorterPelle, Gbg

Nov 22: Utopia Jazz, Gbg

Nov 29: Fregatten, Stenungsund

Dec 10: Lohrs Pocket, Gbg

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New Album: The Ripple Effect
The Ripple Effect is Swedish jazz guitarist Rolf Jardemark’s 13th album in his own name and brings together Jardemark, pianist Lars Jansson, double bassist Olli Rantala and drummer Adam Ross. Effortlessly melodic, Jardemark blends Nordic sounds and the blues in his uniquely laid-back sound. Release May 05 2023.

Rolf’s devotion to jazz and guitars started in his teens. At twelve he bought his first guitar from a friend for 1 (!) dollar. After taking his first steps with just a blues record and a chord book, Rolf saw the light. – I saw Barney Kessel on a TV show. He looked and sounded real hip with his big Gibson and nice suit.

Rolf Jardemark is a top guitarist from Sweden and has worked as a musician since 1985. His first 37 years on the professional scene has taken him from jazz clubs to TV studios. From the Gothenburg Opera House to John Pisanos Guitar Night in Los Angeles.

-I was listening to a lot of different music growing up, but when I heard Larry Carlton and Pat Metheny there was no turning back, Rolf remembers. . He has released ten acclaimed albums in his own name since Soft Landing (1989) and worked with among others: Michael Ruff, Bob Mintzer, Al Harewood, Yasuhito Mori and Lars Danielsson.