Sunset in Guitarland (2010)

“I have always liked Westcoast music for its combination of RnB, mixed with the possibilities of jazz improvisation and playfulness. In the past I have recorded albums in just a few days. This is a project of love that has taken several years to complete – recorded with some of the best musicians in Los Angeles, São Paulo, Hawaii and Sweden.”


Rolf Jardemark – guitar , Michael Ruff – keyboards, vocals
Bill Cantos –keyboards, vocals
John JR Robinson – drums
Ralph Humphrey – drums
Neil Stubenhaus – bass

Per Lindvall - drums

1. Smoothie
2. Back To You
3. Cahuenga And Vine (featuring Bill Cantos)
4. Magnolia
5. Del Mar
6. Rhythm Of The Rain (featuring Micheal Ruff)
7. Try Again
8. Sunset In Guitarland (featuring Ulf Wakenius)
9. Mikells


Get Out Of Town (2008, with Margareta Evmark)

“The older I get, the more I appreciate truly good songwriting. This album was my first with an in depth focus on vocals. It features the work of the great Cole Porter, one of the most important contributors to the American songbook and entertainment.”


Margaretha Evmark – vocals, bass
Rolf Jardemark – guitar
Anders Kjellberg – drums (3, 7, 9, 11)
Björn Karlsson – harmonica (3, 7, 9, 11)
Mark Johnson – vibraphone (3, 9, 10)
Pierre Eriksson – accordion (5)

1. Let's Do It
2. Get Out Of Town
3. In The Still Of The Night
4. So In Love
5. I Love Paris
6. Too Darn Hot
7. Just One Of Those Things
8. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
9. I Love You
10. I Concentrate On You
11. You Do Something To Me
12. Easy To Love
13. Everytime We Say Goodbye
(Porter) 4:02


Rosewood (2005)

“Twelve years after Guitarland I wanted to return to the trio with the amazing Lars Danielsson and Anders Kjellberg. The guitar sound turned out fine, despite the fact that my beloved Polytone amplifier broke down on the very first note of the session – leaving me with whatever I could borrow from the music store across the street.”


Rolf Jardemark – guitar
Lars Danielsson – bass
Anders Kjellberg – drums
Thomas Darelid – keyboards (3, 4, 7, 8)
Pierre Eriksson – accordion (7)

1. Rosewood
2. The Sun Came Through
3. Golden Moor
4. The Invisible Man
5. God Bless You
6. Swedish Pastry
7. O Console Pequeno
8. Jazzid Blue
9. Have We Met Before?


Toco (2000)

“I am really proud of this album. I wrote all the music, which in some cases was a lot more abstract than what I had done before. But the fact that the album never got the distribution I had been promised, was one of my biggest setbacks ever. With that in mind it is pretty remarkable that I later received a generous royalty check – from India.”


Rolf Jardemark – guitar
Yasuhito Mori – bass
Terje Sundby – drums
Thomas Gustafsson – tenor sax, soprano sa

1. Margaux
2. 7th On the Scale
3. Madimabe
4. One More Year
5. Room 303
6. Cucumber Groove
7. 5678
8. X Lana


Further Adventures in Guitarland (1997)

“This was a fine quartet I had for about five years. Terje is quite a lot younger than Tomas and Yasuhito, and I really liked how the perspectives of different generations met in the music.”

Rolf Jardemark – guitar
Yasuhito Mori – bass
Terje Sundby – drums
Thomas Gustafsson – tenor sax, soprano sax
Erik Gullbransson – vocals (5, 12)

1. Let's Go ... Step On The Gas
2. Family Man
3. Solar
4. Runes Vals
5. Life Is A Wonderful Thing
6. Joe Has Passed Away
7. Nothing To Loose
8. You Are Too Beautiful
9. Highland Park
10. Peace
11. Beautiful Love
12. Time After Time
13. Exit


Guitarland (1993)

”I knew I wanted to make a trio album, but I never thought it would make the kind of impact that it did. It got airplay and great reviews all over Europe. I guess my passion about the project made a difference. It is a bit funny that this comparably mellow session was recorded at Studio Bauhaus – now the home of heavy metal band In Flames.”

Rolf Jardemark – guitar
Lars Danielsson – bass
Anders Kjellberg – drums

1. Blues For Erik
2. Linneus
3. No Time To Waste (part III)
4. In A Sentimental Mood
5. Life Is A Wonderful Thing
6. Freddie Freeloader
7. Four On Six
8. I Vimlet
9. There's No Greater Love
10. U.F.O (Unleaded Fuel Only)


Jungle Crunch (1991)

“We recorded the whole album in two days, at the Swedish Radio. It has no overdubs what so ever. Everything was played then and there, and the music was even mixed live straight to tape.”


Rolf Jardemark – guitar
Terje Sundby – drums
Fredrik Bergman – bass
Jan Zirk – synth
David Wilczewski – tenor sax, soprano sax

1. Three Days Off
2. Baby-Talk
3. Half Spanish
4. Merry-Go-Round
5. Last But Not Least
6. For Jaco
7. O.N.S.
8. Understanding 9
9. With a Smile On Hi Face
10. Amish


Soft Landing (1989)

”We recorded it in a tiny studio in Uddevalla, north of Gothenburg – far from the fancy places drummer Per Lindvall was used to. When standing at a certain spot in the room, it was easy to get Russian radio in the headphones.”


Rolf Jardemark – guitar
Per Lindvall – drums
Lars Danielsson – bass
David Wilczewski – tenor sax, soprano sax
Michael Ruff – keyboards and vocals

1. No Time To Waste
2. Roadwise
3. Little Kiss
4. What Do You Want
5. Play A Little Baby
6. True Diversity
7. Roses And Champagne
8. Not Particulary Funny
9. No Time To Waste Part 2


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