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New Album: Cosmology

Rolf Jardemark & John Stowell Guitar Duo

"I've had the pleasure of playing with Rolf Jardemark for the last five years. We met through mutual friend Ulf Bandgren, and I've had many nice musical conversations with both Rolf and Ulf in some gigs in Gothenberg.

He has a great sound, a strong sense of melody and swings with authority. I was very happy to record with him when he invited me in the Fall of 2015.

Rolf also invited Peter Janson to join us on a couple of numbers, and I was very impressed with Peter's playing too. He has a real command of the bass is comfortable in the intimate trio setting that we created together.

I think you can hear the rapport and chemistry that we felt in Rolf's studio making music. I look forward to more playing with Rolf and Peter in the future."

Liner notes by John Stowell

"A tasteful and pleasing duo album" - Orkesterjournalen

John Stowell and Rolf Jardemark met for the first time five years ago. Since that time the two have played numerous gigs together in Sweden. This musical relationship has now culminated in the record ”Cosmology” , their first recording together. The music consists of both original compositions and improvisations over (more or less) well known standard tunes. On two of the songs the pair are joined by bassist Peter Janson.

John Stowell is a unique jazz guitarist influenced as much by pianists and horn players as he is by guitarists. His original take on harmony, chords and improvisation is truly individual. Stowell began his successful career in the early 1970's with private study with guitarist Linc Chamberland and pianist John Mehegan. Both men were invaluable mentors to John, allowing him to play together with them as he developed. Several years later he met bassist David Friesen in New York City, and they formed a duo that recorded and toured prolifically for seven years, with performances in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. In 1983, John and David joined flutist Paul Horn and Paul's son Robin Horn (on drums) for a historic tour of the Soviet Union. This was the first time in forty years that an American jazz group had been invited to play public performances in Russia. In 1993, 1995, 1998 and 2012 John returned to Russia, playing in numerous cities. His two sold-out performances in Kursk may have been the first appearances there by an American jazz musician. John continues to tour, record and teach internationally. He has been Artist-In-Residence at schools in Germany, Indonesia, Argentina, and in the United States and Canada. He served as assistant director and performer in Oregon Public Broadcasting's PDX Jazz Summit in 1991, and since 1995 has been a contributing columnist for a number of magazines, including "Downbeat", "Guitar Player", "Canadian Musician", "Soundcheck" (Germany), and "Guitar Club" (Italy).

Rolf Jardemark,is a top guitarist from Sweden and has worked as a musician since 1985. His first 30 years on the professional scene has taken him from jazz clubs to TV studios. From the Gothenburg Opera House to John Pisanos Guitar Night in Los Angeles. Rolf’s devotion to jazz and guitars started in his teens. At twelve he bought his first guitar from a friend for 1 (!) dollar. After taking his first steps with just a blues record and a chord book, Rolf saw the light. – I saw Barney Kessel on a TV show. He looked and sounded real hip with his big Gibson and nice suit. I was listening to a lot of different music growing up, but when I heard Larry Carlton and Pat Metheny there was no turning back, Rolf remembers. . He has released ten acclaimed albums in his own name since Soft Landing (1989) and worked with among others: Michael Ruff, Bob Mintzer, Al Harewood, Yasuhito Mori and Lars Danielsson.

Cosmology is released on Guitarlandrecords (GLRCD004) and distributed worldwide by Border Music.

"Lovely and eternal music" - Tor Hammerö jazzblogg Norway



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    ”I never thought that this album would make that kind of impact. It got airplay and great reviews all over Europe. I guess my passion about the project made a difference.”


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